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Supersonic Startup

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Supersonic Startup are a dynamic duo who support people with additional barriers into self-employment.

We work with larger organisations, such as councils, to ensure that our participants can experience their supersonic journey with us for free!

We also provide a unique management development programme for corporates, a pioneering virtual and augmented reality training solution and an inspiring enterprise programme for young people.


Young Businesswomen

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​At Supersonic Startup we strive to be the best self-employment training provider we can be. We specialise in helping people overcome barriers to set up their own businesses and transform their lives, by providing revolutionary results based-learning and ground-breaking technology. We inspire, teach and mentor individuals to realise their supersonic dreams.

  • We recognise that people with additional barriers have what it takes to start up on their own and become their own boss, but are often intimidated by mainstream business support

  • Our research led us to run a programme that is practical, inclusive and values confidence building and self-esteem, as much as the practical steps to starting up on your own

  • With the right support, self-employment is a fantabulous option for ex-offenders restricted by disclosure in the traditional job market, lone parents who can manage their work around childcare and people with mental or physical disabilities who can manage their work around their condition

  • Not only do we provide perfectly practical business support, but we know it is essential to build confidence and self-esteem for people to flourish

  • Our highly qualified and friendly business advisors, fully understand the barriers participants face and we use tried and tested techniques to help them overcome the many inner challenges they can come up against

  • We are aware that mainstream business support is either too expensive or not fit for purpose for this client group, so we work with you to provide and facilitate the training and support required to help them empower their lives.

Steve Saul - Social Media Producer (BBC Comedy Online, Britain’s Got Talent, EastEnders,  The Great British Bake Off, LEGO, Microsoft)

“I never thought I’d leave a course about business planning so pumped to make a plan of my own.”

Peter, course

participant, Wembley

"Phil and Benna are the Starsky & Hutch of vocational training. Simple no nonsense, practical guide to self-employment, delivered clearly, with humour and empathy."

Course participant, Brighton

"It was amazing! I learnt so much and feel ready to be self-employed which I never would've tried if I wasn't accepted for this course. It's been truly life changing."

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