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Virtual and augmented reality training programmes

We offer an augmented and virtual reality interactive experience,​ to take the delivery of your content to the stars and beyond. Our pioneering, innovative, and easy to implement solutions can be used by any business, with our technological expertise.

Image by Minh Pham

Augmented reality
Augmented reality (AR) is the ability to overlay digital information on top of the real world through a smartphone, tablet or headset. All types of digital content can be overlayed including videos, images, weblinks, feedback forms and user manuals, helping the end user to more efficiently enact any given process the technology will be utilised for. 

Today most AR applications are viewed through mobile devices, but increasingly delivery will shift to hands-free wearables such as head-mounted displays or smart glasses. Given the consistent evolution of technology in all sectors, the use of these technologies is increasingly important.

​Some people are familiar with simple AR entertainment apps, such as Snapchat filters and Pokémon Go, but AR is also being applied for important business and training use cases. AR is supplementing or replacing traditional manuals and training methods in thousands of organisations around the world and therefore, this technology is becoming relevant to all professional fields globally.

Here at Supersonic Startup, one of the ways we have used AR technology, is to digitise and enhance our printed workbooks.  When users hover their phone or tablet over specific pages of our workbook they find additional relevant content in the form of videos directly off the printed page and links to more online content to help with their study. We have found this to be an effective, and with our expertise, simple and innovative way to expand information on otherwise flat content, to aid the end user. 

If you would like to implement our augmented reality technology solutions to help enhance training for your staff and clients, please do get in touch and let us help you to modernise and innovate your process with ease. 


Virtual Reality
​This is a state of the art service for training companies and other organisations, looking to take the delivery of their content to the next level, through the lens of our bespoke virtual reality (VR) software and services and includes:

  • Virtual worlds for training, events and conferences - Virtual worlds bring people together to work, learn, meet, and train in an immersive environment. We work with several virtual world platforms and can customise the space to fit with your brand and training goals. Virtual worlds enable you to share presentations, PC screens, docs and video feeds within the environment. Users can access the environments via virtual reality headsets, PC's and some platforms allow mobile phone access. We can cater for small teams right through to conferences and virtual trade shows with thousands of simultaneous users. 

  • 360 video production - 360 video is a spherical video format which gives viewers the feeling of presence in the environment. 360 videos are best viewed using a virtual reality headset and are accessible via most web browsers. Videos are also viewable in a magic window format on YouTube and Facebook from PC, tablet and mobile. This allows people to look around the scene by clicking and dragging with their mouse. Alternatively, if people are viewing on mobiles, they can point their phones in the direction they would like to see. We provide full 360 video production facilities. We can help you distribute your completed videos to your audience using 360 video platforms from Facebook, Youtube and other supported channels. 360 videos are ideal for training and simulations. Our 360 video production can create e-learning solutions, key for supporting start-up performance.

  • 3D Tours - 3D Tours are an excellent way to enable your staff and clients to engage with your offices, venues and production facilities from anywhere in the world.  We use the latest 3D depth cameras to create unique training opportunities. Our high quality scans are best described as an inside Streetview with the added ability to insert tags on items to link with manuals, web pages and multimedia videos, to curate your own enhanced experience with ease.

  • Virtual reality hardware sales, rental and training - We have links with all major virtual reality hardware manufacturers. Providing the opportunity for your organisation to source hardware at competitive pricing and the added benefit of offering custom training for your staff and clients to get them using the equipment quickly and efficiently. ​​​

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