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Enterprise programme
for young people

In partnership with 'Win the Day Training', a social enterprise that teaches and inspires young entrepreneurs. Centred around selling and marketing mineral water, the programme leaves young people with hands-on experience in creating a vivaciously viable product

and taking it to market.

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‘Win the Day’ is a social enterprise that delivers a creative alternate learning provision teaching and inspiring budding young entrepreneurs, with a focus on supporting vulnerable young people, those who are NEETs (not in education, employment or training) and those that face additional employment barriers.

The 10-week programme is centred around selling and marketing personalised spring mineral water to local businesses.

AQA awards in Enterprise awareness

Nearly 9 million people in the UK have no qualifications. By earning an AQA award in enterprise awareness, young people gain practical skills that enhance their CV and employability.

Developing healthier relationships with learning

Making students aware of the practical applications of their learning leads to increased engagement in other areas of their academic and personal lives.

Funding student and community projects

Students have the potential to create revenue to fund commercially viable student projects and through this help to create a sustainable cycle of enterprise and community development.

Developing student soft skills

The programme places a strong emphasis on developing soft skills, such as communication, confidence and team work. Giving young people valuable tools for success in their future endeavours.

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