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training programme

We provide a three day whole enchilada face to face or online self-employment workshop programme. This includes a comprehensive all bells and whistles workbook, confidence building, ongoing peer to peer and email support, and all business templates necessary

to set up a thriving business that 

flourishes to the moon and back. We can also guarantee that your participants will actually enjoy the experience, unlike other business courses we don't care to mention ;)

Business Meeting

What is included: 

  • Fully trained business advisors give one to one phone, email and video conferencing support via Teams or Zoom, to enable participants to put together a realistic business plan and give them all the confidence needed to start their business

  • Ongoing email support for confidence building and organisational support, to keep participants on track throughout the programme

  • An augmented reality business start-up workbook, which gives access to training, information and support videos

  • A peer to peer self-employment service, which we see has such a powerful effect in supporting people through the ups and downs of self-employment, so they are more likely to be successful in the longer term

  • Essential business templates to make sure no stone is unturned on the business start up journey.

This splendiferous programme can be delivered over a timescale that fits in with your organisations' availability and will deliver the best quality self-employment support to your participants, at the highest level and for metaphorical peanuts.

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